Trans Artist, Writer, Publisher

Amos Mac is a Los Angeles-based writer and artist who works across media platforms. He is a founder of Original Plumbing.

Photo by Michael Bailey-Gates

Photo by Michael Bailey-Gates

Amos Mac's personal story was featured in the HBO documentary The Trans List. He has been honored on the OUT 100, TRANS 100, and named a 2018 Lambda Literary Writers Retreat Fellow for Young Adult Fiction for a manuscript inspired by his original pilot. In 2016, Mac became a producer for Gaycation, the Emmy-nominated VICELAND show hosted by Ellen Page, exploring LGBTQ cultures around the world. His focus remains on television, the writers room specifically, where he recently worked as script coordinator for AMC's intergenerational drama, The Son.

In 2009 Amos Mac co-founded Original Plumbing; the seminal publication documenting the culture of transgender men. The Original Plumbing anthology, featuring the best of all 20 issues, will be published in 2019 by the Feminist Press. Informational and entertaining at once, OP has featured Janet Mock, Silas Howard, Margaret Cho, Ian Harvie, Kate Bornstein and many other trans icons and allies. In addition to editing and publishing, Mac has photographed the majority of Original Plumbing's content.

As a writer Amos Mac has contributed to his self-published titles (Original Plumbing and Translady Fanzine) and featured in anthologies. Mac's photographic images have been featured in publications including The New York Times, Interview, Vogue ItaliaCapricious, Dazed and Confused and OUT, and featured in group shows at venues including Daniel Cooney Fine Art, The San Francisco Public Library, Luis De Jesus Los Angeles,  and Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art.

Other notable projects include photographing the groundbreaking Fall '15 campaign for Swedish fashion brand & Other Stories, featuring an all trans cast and crew, and the iconic collaborative series he created with artist Zackary Drucker, which formed the content of his art publication Translady Fanzine. An alternative selection of the images was exhibited in 2011 as Distance is Where the Heart is, Home is Where you Hang Your Heart, at Luis De Jesus Los Angeles.